Smart Home System Management Console (Host)

The program and control of all the connected devices are managed by a device called a Host in Comfortlife Wireless Smart Home Systems. The Host works with your modem. In the case when there is no net connection, The Host can also manages hte SMS control

*Only Vega and Galaxy models have GSM module

Vega Host

It is the main management device of the smart wireless systems which helps you to manage, customize, and control all the devices with the wireless system. This host helps you to control all of your devices with pads, PC, or cell phones.

Diamond Host

Diamond Host is a control center of all the devices at your home. It has same features with the Galaxy Host except SIM card slot.

Galaxy Host

Galaxy Host is a control center of all the devices at your home. 


  • It has two sim card slot,
  • Dual communication,
  • Crypto communication between the system,
  • High wifi power,
  • Voice command,
  • Limitless scenario opportunity,
  • Personal usage ability,
  • Authorization limit ability

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