What is a Smart Home?  


Why Wireless?

It is easy to install. There is no restoration.

It is economical, because there is no cable cost

It is flexable, you can change its place according to your life style and comfort.

Is there any cancer risk?

Radio frequency is used everywhere in our lives and there is no any scientific proof for any risk.

Can we get the price of these systems?

We will give required information immediately after initial inspection for your home.

Can everybody use?

The user screen is very simple and easy. Turkish (English) menu and visual icons make the usage easy.

Can we access control from anywhere?

Comfortlife Wireless Smart Home Systems uses internet for the connection. You can manage your devices from anywhere with the internet connection.

What will be done if there will be energy cut?

All security devices will be at your command with the help of installed power supply

Is there SIM card? What is its usage?

You will get a notification message or a call from your security systems from the SIM card of your Host.

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